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Years of experience

Sarah Pfarr

Sarah Pfarr graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2015, which served as the genesis for starting her own business, Agape Dog Training.

She has worked as a Veterinary Assistant at Advanced Care Animal Clinic in Arlington, WA since 2013, where she now serves as a Fear Fear Veterinary Professional and Animal Trainer. She has been featured in Fear Free level 3 Certification course, as well as Fear Free Animal Trainer level 1 and 2 courses. She recently became a CGC Certified Evaluator and looks forward to helping dogs become an integral part of society. Sarah is a Positive Reinforcement Trainer who believes punishment has no place in dog training. She has a passion for working with fearful, reactive and “aggressive” dogs. Sarah’s love for training developed when she got her first puppy; she took her beloved Candy, a Labrador Retriever, through basic obedience and agility and loved growing and bonding with her dog. Now she wants to help other families do the same!

Sarah lives in Arlington Washington with her husband Kyle, Basset Hound Baeleigh, Yellow Lab Trigger, Beagle Louie, two cats and happy flock of chickens. She spends most of her time enjoying animals, and otherwise spends time with her family enjoying the outdoors.

“Agape means to love unconditionally, the way God first loved us. It is my mission to spread this unconditional love and kindness to all animals in all situations.”

Animal Behavior College Graduate, Fear Free Certified Professional, Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer, Canine Good Citizen Evaluator, Association of Professional Dog Trainers Member