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Private Training

All private lessons are done in the comfort of your own home. We may also meet in a public place, such as park, as needed to learn specific cues or curtail problem behaviors.

Individual Lessons: $75

For all dogs of any age. One hour, single lesson.

Puppy Fundamentals $375

For puppies less than 1 year old. Six in-home lessons, one hour per lesson.

Our goal is to help your puppy integrate properly into your home and be a member of the family. Quickly address common behavior problems that arise and get back to enjoying your puppy.

  • Solve pesky puppy problems such as potty training, jumping on people, nipping and mouthing.
  • Teach your puppy basic training cues, to encourage good behavior.
  • Enjoy having a puppy that fits into your lifestyle… for a lifetime.

Behavior Renovation (A Whole New Dog): $260

For any dog over 1 year old. Four in-home lessons, one hour per lesson.

Frustrated by your dog’s bad manners and lack of social skills? Focused on the family dog, our goal is to restore and repair the relationship with your best friend.

  • Extinguish problem behaviors like jumping, barking, digging, pulling or lunging on leash.
  • Teach basic manners and training cues to help your dog live comfortably in your home.
  • Get back to the life you imagined with your dog.



Welcome Home (Your New Shelter Dog): $250

For adult dogs, adopted from a shelter or rescue organization. Four in-home lessons, one hour per lesson.

Rescue dogs have been through a lot, traveling from shelter to shelter and in some cases, even home to home. They often come with some baggage and bad habits picked up along the way. Our goal is to help your new dog, stay in his forever home.

  • Integrate your new dog into your family by establishing a routine.
  • Build your dog's confidence by teaching him new cues.
  • Address bad habits quickly, and set your dog up on the right track.

Fear Free Cooperative Care Classes: $485 for bundle level 1 and 2

Is your pet fearful or even aggressive when it comes to routine veterinary and/or grooming care? Are you feeling frustrated or embarrassed by your pet’s behavior? These services can be quite frightening to a lot of animals. These classes will give you the tools needed to help your pet feel more comfortable and willing to participate in these necessary health-care services.

Level 1: $260

For all dogs and cats of any age. Four in-home lessons, one hour per lesson.

  • Show your pet how to be calm and happy with gentle handling techniques.
  • Teach your pet new cues and behaviors to help them feel more comfortable.
  • Empower your pet to willingly participate in core health-care procedures.

Level 2: $240

For dogs who have completed Cooperative Care Level 1. Three in-home lessons and 1 lesson at vet clinic or grooming facility, one hour per lesson.

Take your dog’s skills to the next level by introducing real-life procedures such as vaccinations, hair clipping, toe nail trims, bathing and more.

  • Put your dogs skills into practice by introducing real-life grooming and veterinary procedures.
  • Focus on 1-2 tasks to teach your dog.
  • Watch your pet grow to love the vet and groomer!

Group Classes

Group classes meet for one hour per week for four weeks. Classes are held in Arlington (near the Angels of the Winds Casino). Address details provided upon enrollment.

Group Beginner: $140

For puppies and dogs at least 20 weeks of age. No previous training is required.

Learning in a group setting is fun and effective! In this age diverse class, you will enjoy growing as a group, and seeing your own dog’s individual success.

  • Teach your dog basic manners and behaviors such as sit, stay, go to your bed, and come when called.
  • Learn solutions to common problems such as potty training, barking, jumping, and pulling on leash.
  • Have fun with your dog!

Group Advanced (CGC prep): $120

For dogs with any previous, formal, training.

Does your dog have an A+ training performance at home, but completely embarrass you in public? In Advanced Group Class, the focus is on real life scenarios and managing reactions to those distractions. This class will also prep your pup for their Canine Good Citizen test.

  • Build on, and fine tune behaviors your dog has already learned.
  • Learn new skills and behaviors such as, polite greetings with people and other dogs.
  • Practice real-life scenarios including come, loose leash walking, heel and more.
  • Prepare for American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen Test which can be administered upon graduation and arrangement with the trainer.

Puppy Kindergarten: (socialization): $20 drop-in or $75 for  4 classes

For puppies 8-16 weeks old who have had at least 1 vet visit, dewormer and 1st round of puppy shots. Proof required upon enrollment.

Jumping, peeing and teething oh my! How can puppies be both so adorable and so naughty? Puppy kindergarten focuses on teaching your new puppy essential household manners as well as strategically exposing and desensitizing them to all this big word has to offer them.

  • Integrate your new puppy into your home by quickly extinguishing bad manners and teaching them alternate behaviors.
  • Socialize your puppy to new things such as other dogs, loud/startling sounds, foreign objects, textures and physical handling.
  • Teach your puppy to be confident and to look to you for guidance rather than being unsure and or fearful.



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